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Welcome To My Home Page

This site is about raising Russian honeybees and raising Russian queens.  I hope you enjoy it. Feel free to get in touch with me on any questions you have about the Russian bees.

                                                               Thanks Dwight

We will be taking orders for 2015 starting December 1 2014 Hurry and order as they will sell out fast. We will not have but about 50 for sale

 I am a Journeyman Beekeeper and I raise Russian honeybees. We offer Russian queens and 5 frame russian nucs for sale.  We take honeybees out of buildings and houses as well as we gather swarms from small trees and bushes. We had a good year in 2011 as we increased our brood hives that we make the nucs from. We did not have a good year in 2013,we had way too much rain in the early spring.Hope 2014 will be alot better. 


We will have nucs sometime in April 2015. We hope to have at least 50 5 frame nucs for sale for 2014

 Well 2014 was a little bit better than 2013 as we expanded a little more. 2013 was not a good year at all. 5 frame nucs can be ordered  starting Dec 1 2014.  In 2015 we will have about 50 nucs for sale we are building more equiptment this year. The nucs are pick up only and you should call 864-593-1535 Early to reserve your nucs.

Thanks Dwight Porter